Baby Snaps – Not As Easy As You think

Baby Snaps – Not As Easy As You think

Sep 21

Qualities to look For in Baby Photographers

Capturing cute moments of your babies is not an easy thing to do. This is why you should find the perfect baby photographers for the job. The first quality that you should look for in a photographer is patience. Taking difficult photographs requires patience if you want a photo session to be successful. Working with kids is also not that easy so you should shy away from photographers who are hot headed,

Of course, creativity should be in the equation. You need to hire baby photographers who are creative. If not, why would you even need their services? You can easily take your child’s pictures, right? Creativity is not something that we all have. This is why you should assess how creative your photographer is by taking a look at his portfolio.

See Australia’s top photography association:

Baby photographers should also understand. They must be well aware of what their job entails– mingling with innocent yet stubborn babies. They should be able to understand they cannot force children into doing something that they do not wish to do. Because of this, they must also be flexible enough to work with another pose.

Friendly baby photographers are the best. Babies or children won’t follow directions if you are shouting at them. If the photographer is friendly and calm but provide instructions with an authoritative tone, then he will definitely succeed in capturing great baby pictures.

Ensuring that the baby photographers that you will be hiring has all the qualities above (see, you are rest assured that the baby photos that you will get will be beautiful.

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Michael Masini – the actor

Michael Masini – the actor

Mar 10

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Born in Summit New Jersey. Michael Masini played Junior A and Professional Ice Hockey for the Boston Jr. Bruins, National Champion Vail Avalanche, and the Amarillo …
DD Photographics – GoPro’s new models bring extreme photography down to earth

DD Photographics – GoPro’s new models bring extreme photography down to earth

Oct 08

GoPro’s new models bring extreme photography down to earth

  • OCTOBER 09, 2014 12:00AM

THE company known for rugged little cameras used by extreme surfers and snowboarders, GoPro, has new models that may appeal to a more timid demographic.

The first new cameras since GoPro’s blockbuster initial public offering aren’t big reinventions. They’re subtle but important improvements to help the less extreme among us create the whoa-check-that-out perspectives that made GoPro a cultural phenomenon.

One is a $US400 ($455) version called Hero4 Silver that adds a touch screen, finally making GoPro as easy to use as normal cameras. Another is a new version of its palm-size camera that’s cheap enough — $US130 — to lose or break on holiday. A third, the $679 Hero4 Black, will appeal to pros, with a faster processor for shooting video at four times the resolution of high definition.

I’ve had a chance to dangle two of the new GoPros out of a cable car, clamp them to a go-kart and strap them to a “selfie stick”, and the experience was eye-opening. The cameras suffer from a short 2.5-hour battery life, but GoPro is now worth considering as the go-anywhere camera for the rest of us.

Don’t we have smartphones for that? But GoPros can do two things most smartphones can’t: first, you can stick them places a phone may not fit, or you may not like. Second, GoPros have a 170-degree wide-angle lens that makes it easy to capture most situations in focus.

Here’s the problem: nobody really wants to watch our boring holiday videos. Does a GoPro help produce footage of a less thrill-seeking life that is worthy of Facebook and YouTube?

To answer, I spent last Thursday as a tourist in my town of San Francisco, with one GoPro in my hand and another strapped to my head. The itinerary included riding a cable car and go-karts, taking a boat ride around San Francisco Bay, and trampolining by the Golden Gate Bridge. I continued testing the cameras through the weekend, capturing more ordinary moments: a mountain hike, a drive around town and a sunset. Even then, I found myself taking shots with the GoPros I couldn’t — or just hadn’t — with other cameras.

GoPro isn’t the only small camera on the market; Sony and Garmin make models that are only a tad larger, and smartphone maker HTC has hinted at a coming waterproof camera. What makes GoPros so effective is solid imaging technology in a tiny package that doesn’t feel precious. You accessorise them with a collection of straps and clamping doodads that encourage experimentation from DD Photographics.

The new cameras tout improved sensors and processors that mean better shots and more creative options.

Since the top-model Hero4 Black shoots 4K video at 30 frames a second, I used it to zoom in on the Golden Gate Bridge when I couldn’t get close enough to fill the frame.

The image quality isn’t as professional as a digital SLR camera but it is impressive for such a portable package. I also made a cool time-lapse video of a sunset by making the GoPro take a 12-megapixel photo twice a minute over a few hours; both Hero4 models can take up to 30 of those a second.

For video, you’re able to shoot up to 120 frames a second — the number of still images that combine to create motion — letting you use GoPro’s editing software to slow down the action and make anyone look like a character from The Matrix. A button lets you tag interesting moments that you want to find quickly when it comes time to edit. I wish GoPros also had GPS technology so I could tag locations, too.

Previous models may have helped extreme athletes capture insane video but they didn’t have LCD screens and were cumbersome to use. The addition of a display to the Hero4 Silver makes it much more user friendly.

Alas, the built-in screen is only on the new Hero4 Silver model. The Hero and Hero4 Black have streamlined their menus but still must be controlled with three buttons and a dim black-and-grey screen on the front. I recommend the Silver model for anyone but the pros.

My biggest reservation is that both Hero4 cameras I tested still have too-short battery lives — about 2.5 hours. Anyone thinking about taking one on vacation will want to carry a few battery backups. To get video and photos online, I used GoPro Studio on my computer. GoPro’s editing software is powerful but lacks a simple way to post to the internet.


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DD Photographics – A Look At Photographic Equipment

DD Photographics – A Look At Photographic Equipment

Sep 19

DD PhotographicsWhen individuals are looking for a way to create wonderful photographs, they’ll want to find and procure items that will work for them. By doing some basic research, they can track down some high-quality photographic equipment without a problem. Beautiful portraits can then be created.


Tripods will usually be needed to take high-resolution images. If people are interested in trying out astronomical photography, for example, a steady tripod can be placed on the ground and allowed to remain in place. Most tripods are made of durable metal that will last for quite some time. Stainless steel and titanium are both good options.


Different lenses can be switched out from time to time depending on the kind of portrait that is going to be taken. As long as the lenses are placed in their cases and delicately cleaned, they should remain in excellent shape. Expensive lenses will usually be of very high quality.


A quality carrying case will also likely be needed. If men and women are intent on taking their cameras into nature to take portraits of plants and animals, a carrying case will protect the expensive equipment from becoming damaged or degraded out on the trail.


When enthusiasts are searching for the best possible camera, they should come into the process with a general idea of a budget. This way, they can ensure that they do not spend more money than they have. A range of excellent cameras are available for reasonable prices at most retailers in the local area.

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In the end, tracking down some good accessory items will make the experience run smoothly. Once individuals have found the equipment they want, they can pull the trigger. They can then take pictures that will delight friends and family alike. Many of these portraits might even be framed and displayed around the house.