Pre Owned or Brand New Camera?

From the busiest city streets in the country, to holiday hot spots and tourist destinations; if there’s one thing that you can count on seeing wherever you go – it’s someone with a camera. Camera availability has come a long way in the past decade, and what used to be a luxury item for the wealthiest individuals, is now a must-have household item for people around the world.

With so many models to choose from, people often struggle with funding the right one to suit their needs, and even with the decrease in cost; it’s always worth spending a little extra time to make the right decision. In fact, the price is often a factor that most people consider when purchasing a camera, but there is one way to pick up your favourite model at a fraction of the cost.

Product range

Picking up a Pre Owned Leica Camera

Leica has been around for decades, and the German brand are often at the forefront of technological advances when it comes to cameras. As a result, it’s not uncommon for their range of models to be a little out of the price range of modern photography enthusiasts. Some models are worth multiple thousands, whilst others are less than a few hundred dollars – but the latter version isn’t always ideal; especially if the photographer wants to enjoy the latest features and functions.

That’s where picking up a pre owned Leica camera can come in handy. All Leica models are built to last, and as long as the wear and tear doesn’t stretch any further than the extremities, there’s nothing to say that your Leica wouldn’t last for years. Even though the warranty may have expired by the time you pick it up – if you find a good deal, and an enthusiastic previous owner, then the chances are the camera will also have been well looked after.

As with all things pre owned, it’s important to ensure that your purchase is fully functional – otherwise you’ll lose out on using what you’ve paid for. If you find that your model is damaged (either externally or internally), then you’ll be glad to hear that each element involved with the camera can be replaced or repaired. One of the main selling points of the brand is that they design each camera to last for decades, and that’s one of the most reassuring benefits of picking up a Leica.

Although you may have purchased the camera body itself, you’ll soon find that the body is just the doorway to the photographic potential. Leica manufacture a huge variety of accessories, from lenses and flash packs, to spare batteries and stronger straps. Even the most advanced models may come with elements that aren’t preferred, and that’s why the versatility of these accessories makes picking up a cheaper alternative, and then purchasing extras ideal.

Making Video Work For Your Marketing

Making a Video on a Budget
Hiring a video production company can be very expensive, but with very few options out there it’s no wonder why many businesses feel like they have no other choice. A good videographer will prepare each scene to perfection, shoot with the highest quality devices and then take care of the editing – but this can set a company back thousands of dollars.

There is a solution however; one that can be entirely free of charge. Learning how to make a video online might seem like a pretty daunting prospect, but with so many websites offering their easy to use software without a fee, this can be a viable option for anyone in need of an animation maker. Read More